Recent Pics

Emily & Lucy
Just before going to Nana & Papa's house

Early Lucy
Love at first sight
On the run
Our new furry child
My first bath...not fun
That's better
The girls
First Snow Portrait
Lucy LOVES the snow
Lucy and her boyfriend Pepper
Rasta Girl
Lucy & Friends in the Park
Lucy and her Cousin Ricky
Lucy and Ricky can play all day
Gwen & Ricky
Visiting at Grandma & Grandpa's

More Lucy
The Boys and their dogs
Susie & Lucy in the park
More fun in the park
Lucy in action

Lucy Suffers a Broken Jaw after being attacked by our neighbors' German Shepherd on Feb. 17th (click here
to read more about it)

Lucy had surgery to repair her broken jaw, but has to wear a muzzle and collar until it heals (3-4 weeks)
Wanting to go up the stairs, but with all this stuff, it's hard
In the park with Jake

Post Muzzle
The muzzle is off!
A little cock-eyed...but she's back
A shaggy dog am I
Never too far from Mom
Waiting for Mom to come home
Da Bone
Back in the chew-groove