On Saturday evening, Feb. 17th, as I was taking Lucy for her late night walk, our neighbor let their German Shepherd (80 lbs.) out of their front door. Their dog viciously attacked Lucy (8 lbs.) and broke her jaw. She spent the night in the emergency room, and was admitted to the Animal Medical Center on Monday, Feb. 18th. Dr. Sean Aiken performed surgery on her jaw the next day, re-wiring the fracture in her right mandible. We brought her home the next day, but she has to wear a muzzle to until her jaw completely heals (3-4 weeks). She also has to wear one of those silly "clown collars" so she doesn't try to take off the muzzle. Lucy's doing better every day, but this has been a tramatic even for us both.


Lucy had her stitches out on Friday, March 1st, and is doing quite well. She's got her spunk back...and is totally frustrated to be stuck in all her contraptions. Two more weeks, then we will visit her surgeon for an exam & xrays to see if everything is OK.


FINALLY...The muzzle's off!!!

We went to see Dr. Aiken at the Animal Medical Center on March 18th, and he said that Lucy was ready to loose the muzzle. Her muzzle's gone, but he told us to keep feeding her soft food, and to keep her from chewing any doggie bones, hard rubber toys or sticks for another two weeks. This is a real challenge -- because Lucy lives to do just that. And no doggie play dates either. We're counting the days until March 25th, when she's back in full swing.

She's Back!!!

Finally, Lucy is back in action. It's been (just about) two weeks since our visit to Dr. Aiken, and she's had no signs of any trouble. We do think that her underbite is a little more accentuated, and some of her teeth stick out a little more, but she is so happy to be able to play with her doggie friends, chew her doggie bones and toys. She's back to being her Misses self...and retains the Cutest Dog in the Whole World title (at least in our house).